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2019-2020 Essilor Next GEN Offer Official Rules: This consumer offer is sponsored by Essilor of America, Inc. (“Essilor” or “Sponsor”) and is available to individual eyecare patients who are legal residents of one of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia (“Consumers”) who purchase a pair of Essilor premium lenses under a current valid prescription consisting of one of the following three combinations*:


·        Any Varilux® X Series™ plus any Crizal® plus any Transitions® (as available, given the material, design and coating of the lenses) ; OR

·        Any Eyezen+TM (including Eyezen™ Start as of 1/1/20) plus any Crizal ® plus any Transitions® (as available, given the material, design and coating of the lenses); OR

·        Any Essilor single vison (SV) plus any Crizal® plus any Transitions® as available, given the material, design and coating of the lenses).


* Non-eligible products (for Qualifying Lens Purchase or Bonus Pair): TruClear® and Viso®, Kodak and Shamir, Non-Varilux Essilor PAL, Lab Private Label w/ or w/o Crizal, stock lenses (for ECPs to pull and edge in their practices), safety / industrial lenses, competitive products.


Each purchase of a pair of qualifying lenses as set forth above shall be referred to as a “Qualifying Lens Purchase.” Each Qualifying Lens Purchase must occur between July 10, 2019 and May 31, 2020 (the “Purchase Period”), exclusively through a participating eyecare practice authorized by Essilor for this discount offer.  


For each Qualifying Lens Purchase, Consumer is eligible to receive a second pair of qualifying lenses (“Bonus Pair”) ordered on the same date, with the same prescription as the Qualifying Lens Purchase that is for, and worn by, the same Consumer at no charge. A Bonus Pair must meet the requirements listed below. No other lenses or coatings may be included.*


·        Must be either a Varilux®, Eyezen+™ (including Eyezen™ Start as of 1/1/20), Essilor single vision, or Essilor computer lens (no blue light filtering);

·        Must include Crizal®; and

·        Must be clear (i.e., no Transitions, polarized, sun, tint, or blue light filtering).


The Bonus Pair must be equal to, or of lesser value than, the Qualifying Lens Purchase Consumer must purchase frames for the Qualifying Lens Purchase and the Bonus Pair at the time of lens purchase from the same participating eye care provider, and the Consumer is solely responsible for the cost of such frames. Jobs may be self-pay or ordered using a managed vision care plan, and Qualifier Jobs will not be discounted.  No frame and lens bundles can serve as a Qualifying Lens Purchase or Bonus Pair.  No special warranties on the Bonus Pair will be given – only existing lab warranties will apply.


For a list of participating eye care providers, visit the and go to “ECP Locator.” Participating eye care providers will appear in the search and be identified as participating in this offer.


This discount offer may not be combined with any other consumer rebate or discount offer sponsored by Essilor. Offer limited to consumer end-users only. No limits on the number of eligible Bonus Pairs per Consumer provided all requirements in these Official Rules are met. Dealers, distributors and other ophthalmic lens resellers are not eligible for this offer. Discount will be applied at purchase. Discount value will not exceed purchase price under any circumstances. Warning: Fraudulent submission of multiple requests and/or providing false information disqualifies any discount request and could result in federal prosecution under mail fraud statutes (Title 18, USC Sections 1341 & 1342).


Price Transparency: In the event that Consumer seeks to have any of the lenses acquired under this promotional offer reimbursed, in whole or in part, by a federal, state, commercial or other health care or vision care program, plan or insurance (including, by way of example, Medicare or Medicaid), Consumer may be required―pursuant to applicable federal or state laws or regulations, including, but not limited to, the federal health care program anti-kickback statute, 42 U.S.C. §1320a-7b(b), or pursuant to Consumer's contractual arrangements with insurers or other third party payers―to fully and accurately report and disclose the net purchase price of all such lenses. For purposes of this promotional offer, the term "net purchase price" means the net discounted price that the Consumer paid for each pair of lenses acquired under this promotional offer, taking into account all price reductions (e.g., discounts, rebates, free products and services). Please note that, for the purpose of determining the net purchase price of the lenses acquired under this promotional offer, the value of all price reductions (whether in the form of free or discounted lenses or otherwise) likely should be allocated proportionately among all of the lenses acquired under this promotional offer rather than applied solely to the lenses that were offered at no charge or at a reduced price. Thus, for example, if Consumer receives product A (that ordinarily costs $60) at no charge because she bought product B (that ordinarily costs $120) under a buy-one-get-one promotion, Consumer will have received a discount of $60 (in the form of a free product A). When calculating the net purchase price of product A and B, the $60 discount likely should be allocated proportionately between product A and B (based on the ratio of the ordinary price of each product separately as compared to the ordinary price of the products together) because the discount was offered as a bundled sale, i.e., Consumer could only receive product A for free if she purchased product B. The ordinary price of products A and B together is $180 ($60 plus $120). The ordinary price of product A makes up 33% of that total price ($60/180) and the ordinary price of product B makes up 66% of that total price ($120/$180). Those percentages can be applied to the $60 discount to determine the net purchase price of each product. Thus, 33 percent of the $60 discount (i.e., $20) would be allocated to product A, meaning the net purchase price of product A would be $40 (i.e., $60 minus $20), and 66  percent of the $60 discount (i.e., $40) would be allocated to product B, meaning the net purchase price of product B would be $80 (i.e., $120 minus $40).


©2019 Essilor of America, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Essilor, Crizal, Varilux, Varilux X Series, Eyezen+, and Xperio UV are trademarks or registered trademarks of Essilor International and/or its subsidiaries in the United States and in other countries.  TruClear and Viso are trademarks of Vision Source, L.P.  Kodak and the Kodak trade dress are trademarks of Kodak, used under license by Signet Armorlite, Inc.  Shamir is used with permission of Shamir Optical Industry Inc. Transitions, Transitions Signature, and Transitions XTRActive are registered trademarks of Transitions Optical, Inc., used under license by Transitions Optical Limited. Photochromic performance is influenced by temperature, UV exposure, and lens material. These products may be protected by one or more patents listed at