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Varilux DRx Lenses Available In Expanded Range Of Materials

By Essilor News


DALLAS – (March 18, 2011) –  Essilor of America, Inc., the nation’s leading manufacturer of optical lenses, today announces the launch of Varilux DRx™ lenses now available in a wide range of materials: 1.50 Plastic, Airwear® , Thin&Lite® 1.60 and Thin&Lite® 1.67, in both clear and Transitions® Gray and Brown. Varilux DRx lenses are the only back side digital lenses that

offer superior Varilux® performance proven from independent third party clinicals delivering proven patient benefits.

Varilux DRx lenses combine three critical elements: superior Varilux lens design backed by real wearer testing, high quality Essilor semi-finished single vision (SFSV) lenses and Essilor’s proprietary Digital Surfacing Process Control (DSPC). No other back side digitally surfaced lens utilizes these three elements.

“We are excited to offer more options to help ECPs upgrade their patients from traditional lenses to Varilux DRx back side digitally surfaced lenses for improved patient optics,” said Carl Bracy, senior vice president of marketing and new business, Essilor of America. “Through our innovative Live Optics design process, which includes real-wearer testing, Essilor is able to deliver performance and quality on every Varilux DRx lens.”

Varilux DRx lenses include:

    Varilux Physio DRx™  for clearer, sharper vision at every distance

    Varilux Physio Short DRx™  for the sharpest, most natural vision available in 14mm – 17mm

    Varilux Comfort DRx™ for better performance for every modern visual demand

    Varilux Comfort Short DRx™  for wider fields of vision than any competitive short- corridor PAL

Only Varilux DRx lenses require specific Essilor semi-finished single vision lenses matched to the patient’s prescription requirements. Knowing the exact curvature of the lens allows the design to be applied accurately every time. Competitive brands place limited or no restrictions on SFSV lenses used to make their products, likely compromising the integrity of the design. Using a dedicated SFSV lens produces consistent precision in the finished product.

Essilor’s proprietary Digital Surfacing Process Control (DSPC) ensures consistency and quality. Only Essilor mandates every certified laboratory test and calibrates its digital processes daily. Even digital surfacing can be imprecise without the proper process controls.

To support the Varilux DRx product line, Essilor recently launched a new Varilux DRx ABO course entitled, “Varilux DRx.” ABO seminars will be conducted throughout 2011.

For more information about Varilux DRx lenses, contact your Varilux lab representative or visit View updates about Varilux DRx lenses by bookmarking on any smartphone browser.


About Essilor
Essilor is the leading manufacturer of optical lenses in the United States and is the market leader in progressive, high-index and anti-reflective coated lenses. A pioneer in the development and production of ophthalmic lenses,
Essilor employs more than 9,000 people throughout North America. Essilor manufactures optical lenses under the Varilux®, Crizal®, Thin&Lite®, Xperio® and DEFINITY® and other Essilor brand names. Essilor Laboratories of America (ELOA) is the largest, and most trusted, optical lab network in the U.S. and offers a wide choice of services and lens brands, including Essilor premium lenses, to eyecare professionals across the nation. Essilor of America, Inc. (Essilor) is a subsidiary of Paris-based Essilor International, S.A., a publicly held company traded on the Euronext Paris stock exchange (Reuters: ESSI.PA).

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