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This Is Why

By Eric Leonard, President, Essilor of America

As an eyecare professional, choosing a lens partner is one of the most important business decisions you can make. Essilor’s focus has always been our unwavering support of you and your commitment to helping your patients see better. In fact, our shared mission of improving lives by improving sight and your partnership is why more patients see better and live better

When you partner with Essilor, we want you to achieve and feel success – in the number of patients you help every day, in your customer care, in your practice, and in your profitability. Why? Because more than 75 percent of our business is focused on helping you succeed in today’s complex, ever-changing marketplace. Our commitment to making our industry-driving products available through independent practices, our investments in the long-term sustainability of Alliance Groups, and our desire to educate consumers on their eye health and product choices only strengthen our dedication to you.

It all starts with innovation. For more than 165 years, Essilor has driven breakthrough innovations to ensure all patients have access to vision correction and protection. This philosophy in action is supported by the largest investment in research and development in the industry and has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible – creating product categories /that were once unimaginable. It’s why we invented the progressive lens, the first photochromic lens, and continue to drive for more from our no-glare lenses. Today, our tireless work in our innovation centers pushes our lens technologies to go farther, deliver more, and lead the industry in correcting and protecting eyes.  By offering superior products that are recognized by consumers, we drive patients to your practice more often.

We understand tomorrow’s market today, and have developed proprietary tools to evolve your practice into the practice of the future. We deliver fast, quality and business-changing solutions like no other optical company. Our network of 128 optical labs across the United States -- the largest in the country -- means a laser sharp focus to meet all of your needs. Our size means we provide best-in-class sales consulting; state-of-the-art measuring and dispensing technologies; and marketing resources specifically designed to help you build a customer base and maximize profitability. Essilor and Essilor Labs employ thousands of people devoted to one thing: superior service to deliver on your every need.

To us you are a partner – not a sale. We will always aim to provide what you want and need to stay competitive.  And while there are many reasons why we do what we do, there’s only one that matters – your success in helping more people see better and live better.

Essilor is committed to your success in 2017 because without you, there would be no Essilor.