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The Vision Council Commits $4 Million Over Two Years To Award-Winning Think About Your Eyes Campaign

By Essilor News


Alexandria, VA (Sept. 27, 2011) – The Foundation for Eye Health Awareness today announces that The Vision Council has joined to support the Think About Your Eyes campaign with a $2 million annual commitment for a period of two years and up to $4 million dollars for a national launch. The Think About Your Eyes initiative has resulted in a six percent improvement in the number of eye exams in the campaign markets over the last year, a significant improvement compared to the current flat trend of the industry. The Vision Council contribution is contingent on others from the vision community joining the expansion. The Foundation is actively seeking support for its mission to raise awareness about vision health and the need for yearly comprehensive eye exams through contributions from other industry leaders and organizations.

"The Vision Council is proud to support the Foundation for Eye Health Awareness and the Think About Your Eyes initiative, and is committed to furthering the goals of the organization and its efforts," said James Shyer, Chairman, Board of Directors, The Vision Council. "By spreading the word about eye health and the importance of yearly comprehensive eye exams, the Think About Your Eyes campaign is an excellent complement to the existing consumer outreach programs of The Vision Council and ultimately good for the entire industry.”

"The Foundation for Eye Health Awareness is creating a group that represents every aspect of the vision community  – eyecare professionals, retailers, manufacturers, insurance providers, non-profit organizations and associations, and academic institutions," said Mike Daley, President and Executive Director, Foundation for Eye Health Awareness. "We are collaborating in an effort, larger than ever before, to advance our message – better health through vision health – and financial support from industry leaders, such as The Vision Council, is more crucial now than ever before."

The Foundation for Eye Health Awareness has a single focus – educate people about the importance of eye health. The simplicity and clarity of the Think About Your Eyes campaign messages aim to help the public understand – and accept – that taking better care of their eyes, primarily by getting a yearly eye exam, affects their health, livelihood, and overall quality of life. The Foundation is the unified voice of the vision community bringing this message to the public.

Partners interested in supporting the vision community by joining the Think About Your Eyes effort should contact Mike Daley, president and executive director, The Foundation for Eye Health Awareness, to learn more. Daley can be reached via phone, 703-548-2896, or email,


About the Foundation for Eye Health Awareness and Think About Your Eyes
Think About Your Eyes is a public awareness initiative focused on educating consumers about the importance of vision health and comprehensive eye exams. This nationwide messaging campaign, sponsored by the Foundation for Eye Health Awareness with generous donations from Essilor, Luxottica, VSP Global and Transitions Optical, encourages people to take better care of their eyes.

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