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See How Essilor is Improving Kids' Lives on World Sight Day

By Essilor News

Happy World Sight Day! Today we focus global attention on blindness and vision impairment, which is the number one disability in the world. In honor of this annual milestone, we've partnered with Essilor Vision Foundation (EVF) to bring our mission to life in our local community.

Vision is an especially important concern for children, since approximately 80 percent of what a child learns up to age 12 is through his or her eyes. Imagine being an elementary school student who can't clearly see the chalkboard, or whose spelling list or math problems are blurry. Now imagine getting a pair of eyeglasses made especially for you, with frames you chose yourself, and how that could literally change your life.

That's what happened for more than 400 Dallas-area elementary school students today. EVF and Essilor of America visited two schools to deliver glasses to students who participated in EVF's Kids' Vision Fest on October 5.

Caleb, age 8 and Angel, age 7

Elia, age 8

"I'll get to see more cars, more houses, more stores," says Caleb, age 8. "When I'm at school, I need to stand up to see the board because I sit in the back. Now I won't have to stand up." Angel, age 7, is pleased with his choice. "I like my glasses very much. My glasses will help me see better at school and play video games." Elia, age 8, also says her glasses will help her in school. "I used to have to stand up to see the board or ask my friends to tell me what it said. Now I can see it myself."

"Everything we learn is through our eyes, so if the kids can't see, they can't learn," shares school nurse Dwayna Griffin. "To see the kids put the glasses on and watch the amazement on their faces when they see for the first time is so moving. The program is a lot of work, but to see them smile makes it worth it for us all."

Kim Schuy, President of EVF, says World Sight Day is the perfect opportunity to bring attention to the significant difference good vision can make in a child's life. "Our mission is closely aligned with Essilor's mission of improving lives by improving sight. At EVF, we're focused on empowering children in underserved communities by making sure their parents, teachers and community leaders understand the impact good vision can have to help a child reach their potential."

This World Sight Day, you can make a difference by taking the #PutVisionFirst pledge at For each person in the U.S. who pledges to get an eye exam between September 15 and December 31, 2017, Essilor will donate $1 to Essilor Vision Foundation. Pledges made outside of the U.S. will benefit Our Children's Vision. The total maximum donation will be $100,000.