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Optifog Lens Campaign Targets Culinary Professionals And High Performance Endurance Athletes

By Essilor News


Lens brand leverages consumer careers and hobbies that can benefit from fog-free vision

Optifog® lenses recognize the need for clear vision for the nearly 1 million Americans in the culinary industry and 550,000 active triathletes across the United States, which is why the brand is launching a focused advertising campaign to build awareness and incite trial amongst these audiences.

The campaign kicks off in March with print and digital ads for chefs in Plate Magazine and and digital ads targeting athletes on  Optifog lenses will also be featured at Plate Night, an annual event sponsored by the National Restaurant Association, in Chicago on Sunday, May 17. 

Optifog lenses are ideal for professionals such as chefs and athletes because they offer fog-free vision in any situation, in order to improve performance and mitigate danger that may occur with foggy lenses. For example, a chef is more likely to experience an injury if his eyeglasses are partially foggy from the environment change of walking out of a freezer to a hot oven.

Similarly, the brand is optimal for athletes, as being able to see clearly allows them to focus on performing their best. Athletes need their personal equipment to execute at the highest level, so they will have the ability to meet and exceed their goals.

“Optifog lenses have anti-fog layers that repel fog before it disrupts vision,” said Lauri Crawford, senior vice president of marketing, Essilor of America. “The lenses provide users long-lasting results, which is crucial to ensure safety when navigating changing environments.”

Optifog lenses come equipped with a year’s supply of Optifog Activator Cloths to activate the anti-fog properties and to proficiently clean lenses. Cloths must be replaced every three months and additional cloths can be purchased.  Each activator cloth activates and cleans the lens at the same time. Optifog lenses prevent fog in hot, cold and humid weather conditions.

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