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Omics Software Interfaces With Visionweb Route O.N.E

By Essilor News


DALLAS, TX – (June 27, 2011) – Optical Lab Software Solutions, Inc. (OLSS), the leading software developer and technology partner for optical laboratories, and VisionWeb, are pleased to announce the integration between OLSS’s OMICS  Lab Management Software (LMS) and VisionWeb’s Route O.N.E service to enable electronic order outsourcing between labs.

The integration provides a fully-automated process for OMICS labs to outsource orders electronically through Route O.N.E. to any lab connected with VisionWeb regardless of the lab software they use. Data translations are managed between OMICS and Route O.N.E allowing orders to flow seamlessly between labs without users having to phone, fax, and re-key order details, or interpret the meaning of product codes and unique descriptions used by each lab. Automation rules allow OMICS to trigger outsourcing based on order attributes such as lens and material type, coatings, or lab processing capabilities.

“OMICS has successfully managed inbound e-orders from VisionWeb and other sources for years. With the Route O.N.E interface, OMICS now provides the lab with a complete routing solution for both in and outbound orders to achieve greater processing efficiency and turn times.” said Steve Morris, President for Optical Lab Software Solutions, Inc.

The integration with Route O.N.E will be available to OMICS labs July 2011 with the release of OMICS version 6.09.


Optical Lab Software Solutions Inc. (OLSS) is a leading software developer and technology partner for optical laboratories worldwide specializing in prescription eyewear manufacturing and business solutions for wholesale and
retail labs, small to large. OLSS represents top LMS brands: Optifacts Software®, Vision Star Software, and OMICS Software. For more information call (866) 564-4400  or e-mail

VisionWeb provides technology solutions for streamlining and simplifying the processes of a variety of businesses in
the field of eye care. VisionWeb offers online insurance transaction processing and online ordering and tracking, and additional services for eyecare providers, ophthalmic product manufacturers, distributors, laboratories, and payers. For
information call (800) 874-6601 or visit

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