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Essilor Unveils New Varilux and Essilor 360 Product Web Sites

By Essilor News


DALLAS – (Jan. 8, 2010) – Essilor of America, Inc., the nation’s leading manufacturer of optical lenses, today announces the launch of two newly enhanced product Web sites, the Varilux® Web site at and the Essilor 360° ™ Web site at The two sites offer more robust information for both eyecare professionals (ECPs) and patients.

With more in-depth content for ECPs and more consumer-friendly elements for patients than before, the new Varilux web site has set a new standard for online resources among progressive lens brands.

New Varilux Web site features for ECPs include:

Varilux Literature: ECPs can download and print all Varilux materials directly from the new Web site.
Submit Your Story: ECPs can submit their experiences with Varilux progressive addition lenses (PALs) directly to Essilor and also learn what other ECPs are saying about Varilux.
Clinical Information: ECPs can access valuable information and training on clinical trials and Varilux product comparisons.
In-depth Product Information: ECPs can access in-depth product information, including the design, features and benefits of every Varilux lens product available.
Varilux Experience Video: ECPs can download the “Varilux Experience” video directly from the new web site to help patients better understand the benefits of PALs.

New Varilux Web site features for consumers include:

Get to Know Your Eyes Better: A new “What is Presbyopia” section uses easy-to- understand animation to help patients better understand the kind of vision correction they need.
Locate a Provider: With the new “Locate a Provider” section, patients can find expert ECPs dispensing Varilux in their area.
Understand Your Options: From lens designs and coatings to adaptive and polarized lenses, this section provides patients with everything they need in one place to make an informed decision on prescription eyewear.
History of Progressive Lenses: An animated tour will take consumers through the history of progressive lenses.

In addition, the enhanced Essilor360° Web site features the following:

Benefits of Essilor 360° Lenses: ECPs and patients can access in-depth information about the benefits of Essilor 360° lenses.
Target Patient: A new “Target Patient” section helps ECPs and patients better understand the target patient for Essilor 360° lenses.
Availability: ECPs and patients can access details on the prescription ranges and coating options available with Essilor 360° lenses.
Testimonials: ECPs can learn what other ECPs are saying about Essilor 360° lenses in a new “Testimonials” section.


About Essilor
Essilor is the leading manufacturer of optical lenses in the United States and is the market leader in progressive, high-index and anti-reflective coated lenses. A pioneer in the development and production of ophthalmic lenses,
Essilor employs more than 9,000 people throughout North America. Essilor manufactures optical lenses under the Varilux®, Crizal®, Thin&Lite®, Xperio™ and DEFINITY® and other Essilor brand names. Essilor Laboratories of America (ELOA) is the largest, and most trusted, optical lab network in the U.S. and offers a wide choice of services and lens brands, including Essilor premium lenses, to eyecare professionals across the nation. Essilor of America, Inc. (Essilor) is a subsidiary of Paris-based Essilor International, S.A., a publicly held company traded on the Euronext Paris stock exchange (Reuters: ESSI.PA).

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Essilor, Varilux, Crizal and DEFINITY are registered trademarks and Essilor 360o and Xperio are trademarks of
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