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Essilor Of America Sees one Vision: Bold Strokes For 2005

By Essilor News


MIAMI, FL – (February 9, 2005) – Essilor’s 2005 National Sales Meeting, “One Vision: Bold Strokes,” took place in Miami, Fla. Janary 4 – 8. The annual event joins independent laboratories, Essilor Laboratories of America, partner laboratories, Essilor sales associates, Essilor of America employees and other key personnel. Bob Colucci, president Independent Distribution Division, played emcee at this year’s National Sales Meeting.

The meeting featured award presentations to premier sales consultants and laboratories. In addition to the announcement of “Picture Paris,” a combined Varilux® and Crizal® incentive and promotion, highlights of the meeting included updates on: the success of Varilux Libertyä, the roll-out of Transitionsâ V ESP; and the 2005 goals and enhancements to selling tools. Attendees also participated in seminars outlining Essilor’s new marketing strategies and product launches for 2005.

Key speakers from Essilor included Bob Colucci, Mike Daley, Hubert Sagnieres, Phillipe Alfroid (COO Essilor International), Ted Gioia, John Carrier, Ken Engelhart, Carl Bracy, Bruno Decreton (R& D from Essilor International) and others. Jim Vitkus, publisher of Jobson was a keynote speaker as well as Rick Elias, President Transitions Optical, and David Cole, Transitions’ GM of Americas.

Product  News

Essilor Lenses president Mike Daley said 2005 would be host to a continued evolution of innovative ophthalmic lenses from Essilor. While Varilux Ipseo beta testing will continue, the company has received a tremendous response from those select markets where the testing is taking place. Essilor has succeeded in the integration of the Head and Eye movement of each individual wearer into the optical design of its product. For the first time, the lens design adapts to the wearer rather than the wearer to the design. Essilor’s plans are to continue the roll-out of the Vision Print System, an actual diagnostic device that provides eye care professionals (ECPs) the ability to measure unique wearer characteristics, to select ECPs for the remainder of this year. This cutting-edge technology customizes lenses beyond their current free-form technology to make them truly personalized.

Daley also said 2005 will be a banner year for Varilux Liberty, which has been widely accepted by ECPs who are now able to offer easy bifocal to PAL conversion in a superior performing, aesthetic lens. With Varilux Liberty, the Varilux family now offers a host of options for patients, from a short-corridor progressive option such as Varilux® Ellipse™ to easy bifocal conversions option of Varilux Liberty, which is now available in a wide range of materials including 1.67, Transitions Generation V and polycarbonate.

Essilor and Transitions will team up once again to bring patients Transitions V with ESP (Enhanced Scientific Performance) in Thin & Lite® 1.67 high-index material. Most importantly, the fade-back performance of Transitions V is enhanced, with lenses going faster to clearest, when combined with Crizal Alizé, making an unbeatable combination for customers and patients.

Business  Developments

Esslior of America announced the composition of its new Independent Distribution Division (IDD) organization, which will be comprised of: three Regional Business Units, Managed Care and AR Technology Licensing, Technical Services and Sales Support. Bob Colucci has been named president of the IDD. New executive appointments include Jim Rabbitt, Steve Mills and James Schrick, as the new Regional Vice Presidents of each of the three Regional Business Units, Central, East and West respectively. Jim Blasco will assume the role of Vice President Managed Care & Technology Licensing.

In addition, Essilor announced that its North America Operations (NAOPS) Supply Chain Organization received ISO 9001:2000 certification, serving to formalize Essilor’s forecasting and planning processes which will help ensure it has the products that customers need at its distribution centers. This certification is a great achievement and marks the second time Essilor has been so honored.

ECP  Promotions

Essilor will continue to run promotions that incentivize and award ECPs.

ECPs can look forward to a possible trip to Paris, France in 2005. Essilor unveiled its Paris Promotion, where 100 ECPs along with their spouses, have an opportunity to win a trip to Paris. ECPs simply visit and enter their personal Varilux and Crizal sales goals. If they meet or exceed their personal goals of Varilux and Crizal sales from February 1 through May 31, they are qualified for a chance to win a vacation to Paris.

Essilor is extending its Varilux Drive Liberty Jeep® promotion through the end of March because of the overwhelming response. ECPs earn a scratch-off card that offers the chance for free cash, free gas, or even a Jeep Liberty SUV. Six out of every ten cards is a winner.


The annual awards ceremony recognized outstanding achievements of 2004. PJ Downes, Mike Daley, John Carrier and Bob Colucci had nothing but admiration for their teams’ many accomplishments during the past year. “Every person here is an integral part of the Essilor family. You are the crucial force behind the numerous successes our company has experienced,” Colucci said as he kicked off the award ceremony.

Awards  presented  included:

ELOA Outstanding Performance: Shirley Sawin, Larry Koch, Mark Hagin, Bette Hilb, Forrest Williams, Rick Willson, Todd Misiaszek, David Bergman

ELOA Rookie of the Year: Todd Stickler

Essilor Lens Group Sr. Sales Consultant: John Avery, Denise Brady, Stacey Curcio, David Dunn, Rob Marcella, Jay Petkovich

Essilor Lens Group 100% Club 1st Year: Denise Brady, David Denton, Elizabeth Doren, Maureen Maglione, Rob Robinson

Essilor Lens Group 100% Club 2nd Year: Arlene Caputo, Arlene Murphy, Mitchell Small, Michael Thornton

Essilor Lens Group 100% Club 3rd Year: Frances Lynch, Kelly Peters-O’Brien, Holly McCracken, Scott Chodun, Mark Valosek

Essilor Lens Group 100% Club 4th Year: Dee Ham, Vicki Sobotka

Essilor Lens Group Rookie of the Year: Donna Heyer

Essilor Lens Group District of the Year: Northeast district: Allan DiSimone, Denise Brady, David Dunn, Marilyn Eklund, Donna Heyer, Frances Lynch, Arlene Murphy, Jay Petkovich

ELOA District of the Year: District 30 (Southeast region): Steve Bailey, Billy Chambers, Brad Charron, Bette Hilb, Pat Higuera, Chris Sarantakis, Evonne Sukach, Lynda Summers

Essilor Lens Group Strategic Account Manager AR Sales of the Year: Michael Thornton

Essilor Lens Group Crizal Sales Consultant of the Year: Marilyn Eklund

Essilor Lens Group Inside Sales Consultant of the Year: Arlene Caputo

Essilor Lens Group Varilux Sales Consultant of the Year: Frances Lynch, Mitchell Small

Essilor Lens Group Sales Consultant of the Year: Dee Ham

2004 Outstanding Performance in Crizal Sales: Continental Sales Corp., Pech Optical, Italee Optics Inc., Midland Optical, Sutherlin Optical, Homer Optical, Interstate Optical

2004 Crizal Lab of the Year: Italee Optics Inc.

2004 Outstanding Performance in Varilux Sales: Continental Sales Corp., Central Optical, Italee Optics Inc., Midland Optical, Luzerne Optical, Homer Optical

2004 Varilux Lab of the Year: Homer Optical

Essilor Lens Group President’s Club, Independent Distribution Division: Eric Bell, Eric Soviak

Essilor Lens Group Strategic Account President’s Club: Rob Robinson

Essilor Lens Group President’s Club: Denise Brady, Arlene Caputo, David Denton, David Dunn, Marilyn Eklund, Dee Ham, Frances Lynch

Essilor Lens Group Retail President’s Club: Bill Livingston, Rod Passarelli

ELOA President’s Club, Industrial Safety: Dan Williams, Angie Munson

ELOA President’s Club, National Accounts: Bruce Winslow

ELOA President’s Club, RGP: Shirley Maeker

ELOA President’s Club, Laboratory Operations: Diane Hart, Tom Rapson, Barbara Trailor, Dave Cole, Bob Strohbehn

ELOA President’s Club, Ophthalmic: Synona Meyer, Allen Dobbs, Lori Gardner, Brad Charron, Christine Privette, Chris Sarantakis, Pat Higuera, Dennis Geuder, Rick Fitzpatrick, Steve Bailey

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