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Essilor Of America Expands Transitions Xtractive And Transitions Signature VII Graphite Green Lens

By Essilor News


New options provide consumers with more choices for maximum comfort, style

DALLAS – Essilor of America is thrilled to announce the expansion of its popular Transitions® XTRActive® and Transitions® SignatureTM VII lens offerings

Transitions XTRActive lenses will now be available in Thin&Lite® 1.67 lens materials, providing ECPs additional choices for their patients who seek all-day lenses that adjust to changing light conditions while remaining comfortable and stylish.

Transitions XTRActive lenses adapt throughout the day to provide extra protection from light outdoors, indoors, and even in the car. Anywhere patients go, Transitions XTRActive lenses are always working to protect eyes from the brightest sun outdoors and in the car and from harsh artificial light indoors.  These lenses help keep eyes protected from fatigue and strain caused by UV light and bright outdoor glare, while providing a comfortable hint of tint to shield eyes from harsh indoor light. Transitions XTRActive lenses are the darkest everyday Transitions lenses, even in the hottest temperatures, and help protect the eyes from damaging UV rays.

“Growing the Transitions XTRActive lens line to include Thin & Lite 1.67 lenses is an excellent example of how we work diligently to provide consumers with the best vision correction option for their lifestyles,” said Lauri Crawford, senior vice president of marketing, Essilor of America. “Thin & Lite 1.67 lenses are 34 percent thinner and 32 percent lighter than 1.50 standard plastic lenses, so patients can now enjoy both the added protection of Transitions XTRActive lenses with improved comfort and aesthetic appeal.”

Beginning tomorrow, customers can order Transitions XTRActive Thin & Lite 1.67 with lens designs including Varilux DRx™ lenses, and digital Essilor PALs lenses and Single Vision lenses. The versatile high-index lens material is particularly ideal for frames requiring customization like drilling, grooving or notching. 

Starting tomorrow, customers may also begin ordering Transitions® Signature™ VII graphite green lenses in standard plastic 1.50, bifocal and trifocal lenses. Transitions Signature VII graphite green lenses feature two exclusive patented technologies: Chromea7TM, a molecular breakthrough that enhances the lens’ ability to react to indirect light and grow darker in warmer conditions outdoors, and chromatic color adaption technology, an algorithm used to develop graphite green lenses that deliver truer color perception and enhanced contrast.

The result is a new fashionable color, boasting a trendy appearance with enhanced color and contrast performance in changing light conditions without compromising indoor clarity. Transitions Signature VII lenses are fully clear inside with just the right amount of tint outside.

For more information on the new options available in the Transitions lens range, visit

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Essilor is the leading manufacturer of optical lenses in the United States and is the market leader in progressive, high-index, photochromic and anti-reflective coated lenses. A pioneer in the development and production of ophthalmic lenses, Essilor employs more than 10,000 people throughout North America. Essilor manufactures optical lenses under the VARILUX®, CRIZAL®, TRANSITIONS®, XPERIO®, DEFINITY®, THIN&LITE® and other Essilor brand names. Essilor Laboratories of America, Inc is the largest, and most trusted, optical lab network in the U.S. and offers a wide choice of services and lens brands, including Essilor premium lenses, to eyecare professionals across the nation. Essilor of America, Inc. (Essilor) is a subsidiary of Paris-based Essilor International, a publicly held company traded on the Euronext Paris stock exchange (Reuters: ESSI.PA).

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