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Essilor Introduces Definity Fairway Transitions SOLFX Sunlenses

By Essilor News


PALM HARBOR, Fla., March 18, 2009 – Essilor of America, Inc. and Transitions Optical, Inc. announced today the launch of DEFINITY FAIRWAY™ Transitions® SOLFX™ lenses – a new progressive sunwear product designed to meet the unique visual demands of golfers needing multifocal prescriptions.  The new product combines the patented DUAL ADD®  2.0 Technology and GROUND VIEW ADVANTAGE™ of DEFINITY® lenses with the advanced photochromic technology of Transitions SOLFX sunlenses to provide golfers with the right color and darkness for optimal performance in varying light conditions.

DEFINITY progressive lenses use DUAL ADD 2.0 Technology to create a unique fourth zone of vision, called the GROUND VIEW ADVANTAGE, giving wearers clearer vision when looking down. In a golf study, players preferred DEFINITY lenses 7:1 during course play – reporting less peripheral distortion, a 30 percent wider intermediate zone and smoother transitions between distance, intermediate and near vision.

Like all Transitions SOLFX sunwear products, the new golf product helps to enhance visual performance by automatically adjusting its degree of darkness to changing outdoor light conditions.  The lenses will change from amber to a darker brown outdoors, improving contrast and depth perception to help golfers see the contour of the greens, and better see the ball.  The lenses also help to protect against the harmful effects of UV rays and come systematically with Crizal Sun™ Mirrors which reduce back side reflections, and improve scratch resistance and cleanability.

“Golf is a visually demanding sport.  From tracking the ball to reading the greens, golf requires the use of near, peripheral, intermediate and distance vision – and changing light conditions can often create an added visual burden for golfers,” said Grady Lenski, director, Transitions sunwear.  “Whether in the sun or in the shade, this new product will accommodate these needs, helping golfers play better and enjoy their game more.”

“Players have already shown a strong preference for DEFINITY lenses on the course,” said Carl Bracy, vice president of marketing, Essilor of America.   “We’re confident that wearers will appreciate the added benefits and versatility provided with the Transitions SOLFX sunwear technology and the additional glare protection provided by Crizal Sun Mirrors.” DEFINITY FAIRWAY Transitions SOLFX lenses will be available through optical laboratories and eyecare professionals in June.  For more information about the product and availability, visit or


About Essilor of America

Essilor is the leading manufacturer of optical lenses in the United States and is the market leader in progressive, high-index and anti-reflective coated lenses. A pioneer in the development and production of ophthalmic lenses, Essilor employs more than 8,500 people throughout North America. Essilor manufactures optical lenses under the Varilux®, Crizal®, DEFINITY® Thin&Lite®, and other Essilor brand names. Essilor Laboratories of America (ELOA) is the largest, and most trusted, optical lab network in the U.S. and offers a wide choice of services and lens brands, including Essilor premium lenses, to eye care professionals across the nation. Essilor of America, Inc. (Essilor) is a subsidiary of Paris-based Essilor International, S.A., a publicly held company traded on the Euronext Paris stock exchange (Reuters: ESSI.PA).

About Transitions

Transitions Optical, Inc., headquartered in Pinellas Park, was the first to successfully commercialize a plastic photochromic lens in 1990. As the leading provider of photochromics to optical manufacturers, Transitions Optical offers the most advanced photochromic technology in the widest selection of lens designs and materials.

Transitions Optical’s core product line, Transitions® lenses, are the #1-recommended photochromic lenses worldwide. As higher-performing everyday clear lenses, Transitions lenses change from clear indoors and at night to sunglass dark outdoors in proportion to the intensity of UV light. Transitions Optical also offers several special-purpose dynamic sun lenses that change from a tinted state indoors to a darker state outdoors when activated by UV light. These lenses are marketed as Transitions® SOLFX™ sunlenses.

Transitions Optical has manufacturing operations in Pinellas Park; Tuam, Ireland; Laguna, Philippines; Sumare, Brazil and Chonburi, Thailand. Sales offices are located in Cambridge, Canada and nine other countries.

For more information about the company and Transitions lenses, the first to earn the American Optometric Association’s Seal of Acceptance for Ultraviolet Absorbers/Blockers, visit or contact Transitions Optical Customer Service at (800) 848-1506 (United States) or (877) 254-2590 (Canada).

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