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Essilor Employee Brings Our Mission to Life in Denver

By Essilor News

At Essilor, our mission of improving lives by improving sight is something we live every day. This mission is at the center of everything we do both at a national and local level, and “improving lives by improving sight” comes to fruition in different ways for different people. For Melissa Mason, Vision Source® Strategic Account Manager, living our mission means reaching out to eyecare professionals and children through Essilor Vision Foundation.

“I’m all about vision, eye health and education. I love it,” explains Melissa, who’s based in Denver, Colorado. After almost 10 years at Essilor, Melissa is passionate about creating fulfilling moments and improving the lives of those she touches through her work. But this doesn’t stop with her accounts. Four years ago, Melissa also began sharing her passion for eye health with students at Title 1 schools in the Denver area by coordinating vision screenings and eye exams to children through Essilor Vision Foundation.

“To be able to benefit from volunteering here at Essilor, get support from Essilor Vision Foundation, and mobilize a team of opticians and ECPs is just awesome. We started with one Title 1 school in one district and now we’re at 26 schools in two districts. It’s like running fire drills for nine days straight, but you really don’t want to leave any kid behind.” This year, more than 1,000 children received eye exams and 915 eyeglasses were provided.

The time Melissa spends organizing the eye exams and working with the volunteer ECPs has an added bonus – it brings her closer to her accounts on a different, more personal level. “Working for these kids, together with my accounts, allows me to build and strengthen our relationship beyond just ‘a consultant visiting an account.’ We’re able to see other sides of each other that we wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to, which is really nice.”

Melissa’s work is truly an example of how Essilor employees are improving lives by improving sight every day and bringing our mission to life.

If you are inspired to help bring Essilor’s mission to life, visit the Essilor Vision Foundation’s website to see how you can participate.