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Consumer-Driven Innovation Leads to Groundbreaking Visual Solution

By Sherianne James

Innovation. It’s a word synonymous with Essilor and for good reason. For nearly 170 years, Essilor has been tirelessly innovating, pushing our lens technologies to go farther, deliver more, and lead the industry in correcting and protecting vision. But simply innovating isn’t enough; truly groundbreaking products come from constantly re-imagining how to meet consumers’ needs.

To that end, we have evolved our consumer-centric design approach to launch three new products -- Varilux® X Series™, Crizal Sapphire® 360o UV and Eyezen™+ 0 lenses. These innovations combined with Transitions® Signature® VII make up the Ultimate Lens Package – the combination of Essilor’s newest and most innovative lens technologies designed to meet each patient’s visual needs with our ultimate in vision, protection and clarity in a single lens.

Consumers Drive Our Innovation

Patient needs are at the center of how we innovate, and the Ultimate Lens Package is the result of extensive research into their unique challenges and lifestyles.

While consumer feedback is always central to our innovation process, with the Ultimate Lens Package, we pushed even farther to develop a product that satisfies their changing needs:

· We looked at the very specific needs of different consumer segments and designed new technologies to meet the particular needs of each group instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach.

· We continued to use virtual reality testing to ensure these segments of consumers saw how different lenses performed in their everyday environment.

· We increased what we call “home testing” -- visiting consumers in where they live to see firsthand the real vision issues they face in their daily lives.

Varilux® X Series™

Today’s progressive lens patients are shifting their focus between near and intermediate objects more than ever, and they need a lens that can keep up. The new Varilux X Series lens was created to adapt to presbyopes’ modern digital lifestyle needs, and is an example of a true consumer-centric product.

Varilux X Series lenses feature the revolutionary new Xtend™ Technology, extending vision within arm’s reach so wearers no longer have to search for “the sweet spot” to see sharply at any distance. And this lens is so advanced, it has 15 new patents pending.

A Complete Solution in a Single Lens

The Ultimate Lens Package also includes new advancements from Crizal and Eyezen+:  

· Patients are increasingly exposed to multiple light sources at all angles which causes discomfort. Crizal Sapphire 360o UV lenses have new Multi-Angular Technology™ to reduce reflections from any angle of light for safer nighttime driving, less distracting glare and better aesthetics.

· Technology overload is a fact at every age. Millennials take their smartphones to bed and are reporting eye fatigue.1 Eyezen+ lens designs 1, 2 and 3 provide sharp, comfortable vision and reduced exposure to Harmful Blue Light2. The new Eyezen+ 0 lenses provide Harmful Blue Light protection2 to patients under age 18 without the accommodative relief found in 1, 2, and 3. 

Transitions Signature VII lenses complete the Ultimate Lens Package. With Chromea7™ technology, this lens has the most balanced darkness and clarity and offers exceptional adaptive lens performance.

The Innovation Continues

For Essilor, innovation is about more than new products and technology; it’s about providing needs-based lens solutions that help patients see the world better. Whether it’s evolving our superior lenses or leading the way in developing the next generation of eyewear, ECPs and patients will always be at the core of our innovation strategy.

1 The Vision Council, “Hindsight is 20/20/20: Digital Eye Strain Report” (2015)

 2 Eyezen+ lenses block at least 20% of Harmful Blue Light, the high-energy wavelengths found between 415-455nm on the light spectrum believed most toxic to retinal cells (blue-violet light).