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John Walborn

Senior Vice President, Wholesale Business

John Walborn

Senior Vice President, Wholesale Business, Essilor of America, Inc.

John Walborn joined Essilor of America in 2007 as Vice President Growth and Development. He has held several positions within the company including Vice President Marketing and Business Development, and Vice President Essilor Services and Strategic Initiatives. Wholesale Business includes Independent Distribution Division, Integrated Independents which are independent ECPs who have their own lab, Essilor Prescription Safety Eyewear, Shore, KBCo and X-Cel Lens companies, and brings most of the company’s lens businesses under the leadership of John and his team, enabling Essilor to leverage the synergies within these business units. John received his Bachelor's Degree in Biomedical Engineering from Texas A&M University and his MBA from Baker University. “I didn’t make the connection to vision and its effect on a person's quality of life until a family member lost sight in one eye due to an infection and became very sheltered and withdrawn. I introduced them to an OD and we began to focus on a few of Essilor's latest technologies. Now they are living life as they did before the infection. This is when I realized our products not only can help people resume an active life, but improve the quality of life for individuals as well.” 

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