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Vision Health International Brings Eyecare to Underserved Communities Around the World

By Essilor USA

Deb Prince, OD, Randy Rottman, MD, Nicole Fedoravicius, MPH, Meaghan Frisbee, MPA—Vision Health International


Vision Health International (VHI) is a nonprofit, volunteer organization dedicated to bringing high-quality eyecare to underserved communities around the world. Physicians, nurses, technicians, and all volunteers donate their time, talent, and resources to each VHI field program. The organization traditionally works in Latin America and recently began serving in the United States.

“VHI is proud to support communities in poverty and with limited access to vision care across the Americas. We recognize that while we focus on Central and South America, we have communities in our own country that have a great need, and who could benefit from our services,” explains Randy Rottman, MD.

A large percentage of the surgical and diagnostic equipment, eyeglasses, and surgical supplies used in VHI field programs are donated by private individuals, corporations, and vision-related nonprofits, including Essilor Vision Foundation, which supports VHI’s domestic efforts. “Essilor Vision Foundation and the Changing Life through Lenses™ program have made a real and significant difference in how VHI brings high-quality eyecare to underserved communities,” says Deb Prince, OD. “Whether it’s a pair of bifocals for a homeless man in Denver, or a new prescription correcting severe astigmatism for a young girl who lives on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota, Changing Life through Lenses has provided VHI with an extensive inventory of single vision and special prescription lenses with which our organization has been able to expand its vision care services to thousands of underserved adults and children. Put simply, VHI could not carry out its important mission without the generous and impactful assistance from Changing Life through Lenses.”

Since 1985, VHI has provided over 35,000 eye examinations, dispensed more than 26,000 pairs of eyeglasses and protective eyewear, and performed 6,392 sight-restoring and life-altering surgeries. Help restore the gift of sight by learning about and supporting Vision Health International.


Want to keep the goodwill going? Help the Essilor Vision Foundation through donations, services, and grants. Support our mission to provide quality eyecare to those in need, and maybe you be one of next year’s nominees.    


Raise funds and awareness for the millions of children who need vision care with the help of free marketing materials.



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Grants for optometrists who help increase vision services within their communities.

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