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Meet the Nominee: Mariah Smith, OD

By Essilor USA

Dr. Mariah Smith is a young optometrist in Reno, Nevada, who was appointed by our governor to serve on the state licensing Board in 2016.  Since she was appointed, she has made quite a splash!  Dr. Smith is smart, savvy, dedicated and hard-working. She was elected vice-chair of the state board, put together a legislative package for a comprehensive update of our statutes (which hadn't been addressed carefully for decades), and has led our Board to cooperate well with the state Optometry Association.  She also was involved in the implementation of efforts to address the opioid epidemic in our state, among her other community involvements.

One of the most exciting parts of the legislative changes she has presented is allowing for the practice of "mobile optometry" in our rural state.  With two main urban centers and thousands of miles of rural desert, allowing mobile practice will take high quality care to many un- and under-served people in our state.  It also will permit optometrists to practice in children's homes, group homes, mental health facilities and elder care facilities without those individuals needing to undertake difficult transportation issues.  Before mobile optometry, many residents in Nevada either embarked on a 3-4 hour drive for an appointment or failed to access regular eye care at all.

Dr. Smith's passion is quality eye care as a patient-focused optometrist employed in a small practice.  She has dedicated countless hours to enhance the integrity of the optometric profession, all on top of her duties as an employee and responsibilities as a new mother. And she does it all with little recognition and great humility.  She truly is an unsung hero.

Please consider selecting Dr. Mariah Smith to receive an invitation to the Essilor Mission Trip.  She would be a terrific addition to your team.

-Submitted by Caren Caffereta-Jenkins


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