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The Preferred Progressive Lens for Active Adults



Whether you golf, hike, play tennis, or just enjoy taking a stroll during your lunch break, DEFINITY® is the ideal progressive lens for you.

DEFINITY uses patented DUAL ADD® 2.0 Technology to create a progressive lens with the least amount of distortion,* which lets you see through more of the lens.

DEFINITY is a progressive lens whose far, near, intermediate and unique GROUND VIEW ADVANTAGE™ more closely mimics your natural vision

DEFINITY works for those with an active life – golfing, biking, hiking and tennis

DEFINITY is the perfect lens for the active lifestyles of today’s presbyopes. With the superior intermediate vision, DEFINITY makes computer use, driving or any other everyday activity more comfortable. With clearer vision when looking down, DEFINITY makes going up and down stairs, playing golf or tennis, or navigating uneven surfaces easier.

To find out more information about DEFINITY, please visit


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