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Simple, Precise, and Reliable


The m’eyeFit™ hybrid tablet PC is a stable, lightweight digital measuring device that allows flexibility and mobility in your practice while still ensuring a consistent, accurate fit

Simple, precise, and reliable measurements every time
Built on a stable platform that allows flexibility within the dispensing process, our simple measuring protocol uses patented technology to help streamline the measurement process, preventing fitting errors and ensuring the consistency and accuracy of measurements. 

Powerful technology that can grow to meet your needs 
PC-driven processing capability internalizes the measurement calculations rather than sending them out to a remote server or into the “Cloud”. This eliminates the susceptibility to issues like server outages, lost internet connections, and application failures. With the m’eyeFit™ system your patient records are always accessible.

Open system for in-office scalability
With its open system concept, m’eyeFit can scale up to meet your current and future business needs. Integration within a practice allows additional feature possibilities, including frame tracing, remote edging, dispenser training and more!

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