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DEFINITY® lenses use both sides of the lens to create a progressive lens that is as close to a regular, single-vision lens as you can get. This means that your patient will have less distortion throughout your lenses, giving you:

Wider Intermediate Zone Across all Three Zones
Helps with computer use, looking at your dashboard while driving, or seeing things between 18 inches and 6 feet away.
DEFINITY allows your eyes to move naturally, as opposed to other progressive lenses, which cause people to move their head to see side to side, or what is at their feet.

Smoother Transitions
   - With DEFINITY you will be able to transition between zones more naturally
   - It makes wearing DEFINITY easy and comfortable from the moment you put them on

Least Amount of Peripheral Distortion
   - Unwanted astigmatism is distributed over twice the area
   - Allows the minimizing of distortion or blurring of images at all distances
   - Reduces discomfort of the eye

   - An additional zone of vision at the bottom and sides of your lenses, unique to DEFINITY
   - Allows you to see better when looking down at the ground
   - Enhances vision for everyday activities like going up and down stairs, escalators, computer use and driving
   - Makes demanding activities easier like golfing, hiking, biking, tennis and more

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